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How to clean removable Anaconda pipes in an industrial dishwasher.
Case story | Meet Hotel Chocolat

How to clean removable Anaconda pipes in an industrial dishwasher.

Meet Hotel Chocolat

Making chocolate exciting again!

Hotel Chocolat is not just any chocolate manufacturer. The British chocolate manufacturer is the epitome of luxury chocolates - and it is the only company in the United Kingdom to grow cocoa on its own farm.

Since the beginning, Hotel Chocolat has been on a mission to make chocolate exciting again. And the company succeeded! When they opened their first shop in North London in 2004, it started a revolution in British chocolate.

Today, Hotel Chocolat comprises 126 stores and several cafés, restaurants, outlets, and factory stores. They are on a continual journey of development and growth, yet their fundamental thoughts about chocolate will guide everything they do.

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Hotel Chocolat's primary challenges

When we met Hotel Chocolat, they initially were looking for a general cleaning solution – an industrial dishwasher for automatic cleaning – to help them clean a lot of individual items and utensils, including feeders, multi-head weighers, weighing bowls, and chutes for automatic weighing and bagging, boxes, chocolate molds, etc. – and that's where we started our collaboration.

Before Hotel Chocolat got their first industrial dishwasher installed – their first JEROS's ACE System – they washed many items by hand in a sink. They were literally jet-washing. But doing so, they did not clean the items properly since no detergent was included in the process.

Furthermore, it was a pretty long, labor-intensive situation.

How to clean removable Anaconda pipes

Another paramount requirement we met was how to clean their removable Anaconda pipes - the pipes where the chocolate gets piped through.

Chocolate has the property that it forms a coating in the hoses. When ingredients such as chocolate run through the removable pipes, we experience a great need for thorough cleaning - but at this point, we had never designed a solution for cleaning pipes.

You, therefore, might say that this primary challenge became ours. A challenge we were pleased to solve.

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Solution & result

A specially made rack was game-changing

At JEROS in Denmark, we developed a brand-new solution with the particular purpose of cleaning and disinfecting pipes.

Our starting point was the industrial dishwasher Hotel Chocolat has got installed to clean their general parts – a JEROS 8160. Within this system, they have a secondary wash system. We then got a rack specially made with a special extra connection, with the idea of creating a channel for them to fit the pipe onto.

They would now take these Anaconda pipes, fit one end to the wash system, and then fit the pipe onto the rack. So, when the dishwasher goes through its normal wash cycle, the frame moves back and forth while washing and rinsing.

As the industrial dishwasher washes for 4 to 6 minutes, 85 degrees of hot water is redirected through the secondary wash. It very powerfully flashes through the Anaconda pipe with detergents, cleaning it – and that was the game-changing result they needed.

As a result of that success, Hotel Chocolat has since purchased three other industrial dishwashers, all JEROS ACE Systems. Two of them are on the same production site for cleaning weight heads - while their third industrial dishwasher is placed in a different area of the production, together with a fourth smaller solution for cleaning other minor items.

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Overall, Hotel Chocolat gets a less labor-intensive automated solution

Today, Hotel Chocolat has an automatic cleaning solution, which gives them Peace of Mind by helping their production to be more efficient since they no longer spend valuable time hand cleaning the entire process line, including feeders, multi-head weighers, weighing bowls, and chutes for automatic weighing and bagging, and of cause the Anaconda pipes.

Compared to manual cleaning, which takes 2 to 3 hours per production, Hotel Chocolat gets an economic gain that translates into much more production time, topped with a washing result that is always uniform and bacteria-free.

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Sustainable win!

Reduce water consumption by up to 50%

Hotel Chocolat's water consumption has been minimized by up to 50% compared to the water consumption of manual cleaning. And that is a result we value! 

When you choose a dishwasher from JEROS, it is one of our goals to help you reduce your water consumption and consumption of chemicals.

Working with Hotel Chocolat has shown us they are very much into automation. And automating their cleaning processes has given the company a wide range of advantages:

  • Hotel Chocolat has got a consistent and thorough washing quality with clean, recirculated water.
  • They have got optimal hygiene in production, as their items and pipes are rinsed and disinfected with 85 degrees of hot water.
  • Via a data log, they can document that the cleaning has been done correctly at the proper temperatures.
  • Hotel Chocolat reduces washing time by up to 80% compared to manual cleaning, significantly minimizing production downtime.
  • Finally, they achieve up to 50% water savings compared to manual cleaning, reducing their chemical consumption.
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Whether your process line is cleaned manually or by utensil washers, time plays a significant role in production. However, automatic cleaning helps reduce downtime and positively affects overall hygiene.

In collaboration with us, you will get a solution specially designed to clean your process line as efficiently as possible with short wash times, minor water consumption, and cleaning agents.

All of this is done to ensure and document your level of hygiene and the ergonomics of the work environment.

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