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A fast and easy cleaning process that ensures a consistent and bacteria-free result is crucial!
Case story | Meet McDonald's

A fast and easy cleaning process that ensures a consistent and bacteria-free result is crucial!

Hygiene safety is paramount for all McDonald's restaurants. Therefore, the type of industrial dishwashers we use must ensure a clean and bacteria-free result. In our dialog with JEROS, McDonald's Denmark wants to guarantee that the dishwashers never finish cleaning before the disinfecting rinse at 85℃ is achieved. JEROS, with its built-in temperature protection, fulfills this guarantee with the utmost satisfaction.

In addition, I hardly notice the dishwashers in everyday life. They do their job and help keep the workflow running smoothly at the pace McDonald's is known for.
Michael Rolver,
Owner of McDonald's Nyborg, Aarup, Brande, Erritsø, Fredericia, Haderslev, Kliplev, Kolding, Rødekro, Sønderborg og Tønder.
Meet McDonald's

From small restaurant to global superbrand

McDonald's needs little introduction - with the utmost respect.

Most people know and visit the worldwide fast food chain with a glorious history. A story that starts with one man:

In 1954, Ray Kroc discovered a small burger restaurant in California. With this discovery, he wrote the first page in McDonald's history - and from humble beginnings as a small restaurant, McDonald's today is one of the world's leading food service brands, with more than 36,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries.

If we focus on 1992, the year is enriched with milestones for Denmark, especially in the world of sports. For JEROS, it was the year we became part of the McDonald's family as a supplier of industrial dishwashers to all restaurants in the country.

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Meet McDonald's | From small restaurant to global superbrand
McDonald's Denmark & JEROS

JEROS's unique lid design allows the machine to fit into even the smallest spaces

Worldwide, JEROS works with McDonald's in Belgium, some of France, Germany, Finland, England, the USA, and, of course, the many Danish restaurants.

Most McDonald's restaurants in Denmark use one of our industrial dishwashers - a JEROS 9110 or the larger JEROS 9120 - which we often supply with a specially designed table system as a complete set consisting of a pre-wash table with a sink, a hooded dishwasher, and a table for dropping off clean items.

The unique feature of our machines is the lid design. McDonald's is particularly fond of the lid because it is designed to allow the machine to fit into even the smallest spaces without disrupting the daily workflow.

In Denmark alone, we have supplied the Danish McDonald's restaurants with more than 350 industrial dishwashers or utensil washers - as we also call them - including tables, specially developed baskets for loose parts, and more than 50 Dish and Warewashers for the new McCafé's, which we are incredibly proud of.

In this case, however, we also focus on our collaboration with Belgian restaurants. Read along and get an insight ⇩

JEROS's unique lid design allows the machine to fit into even the smallest spaces

Why McDonald's Belgium collaborates with JEROS

The shortest possible washing time with the lowest consumption of water, energy, and chemicals

When a McDonald's restaurant chooses a JEROS hooded dishwasher, the restaurant and the company are on a sustainable mission. A mission based on achieving water savings of up to 50% compared to the water consumption of a manual wash.

The restaurant also reduces washing time by up to 80% as an added benefit.

There is much more dishwashing in a fast food restaurant than most people think

McDonald's prepares food for their guests around the clock. This kind of production requires specific cleaning and hygiene procedures - and it requires the various utensils and items used in the kitchens and lobby to be washed down a couple of times a day.

In JEROS's hooded dishwashers, McDonald's employees clean everything from kitchen utensils and cutting boards to various holders, french fry dispensing funnels, and baskets for the fryer. And to the trays on which the food is served in the restaurants.

Let's help you reduce your water, energy and chemical consumption
Why McDonald's Belgium collaborates with JEROS

What can McDonald's clean in a hooded dishwasher and in a dish and warewasher?

In a JEROS machine, McDonald's can wash almost every item and utensil from in and around the kitchen, café, and lobby. Our dishwasher cleans and sanitizes easily, even the elements that make up the fryer and the trays on which guests' food is served.

The fact that there is so much space in the hooded dishwasher's washing cabinet also has the advantage that employees don't have to wash large items by hand. This advantage saves time, water, energy, and chemicals while maintaining the highest level of hygiene.

Specially designed baskets ensure that nothing gets lost while cleaning

To streamline the cleaning process, we help the restaurants with; we have specially developed a range of baskets for McDonald's that employees can pull directly into the dishwasher. Instead of putting small items directly into the dish rack, we now ensure that even the most minor items are kept in order and that everything is clear when loading and unloading the dishwasher.

For example, our baskets are used to keep track of the whisks that McDonald's uses when guests order ice cream - specifically McFlurry. As an added benefit, these very same baskets can be used in both JEROS's dish and ware washers and industrial hooded dishwashers, making it easy to keep dishes organized in multiple restaurant locations.

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What can McDonald's clean in a hooded dishwasher and dish and warewasher?
Solution & result

Larger utensil washer frees up valuable time

Because McDonald's dishwashing space is often optimized to encompass as few square meters as possible, we typically supply one of our smaller dishwashers to the fast food chain.

In Belgium, however, McDonald's has launched a new concept based on larger restaurants with larger back-rooms and thus more space for dishwashing. Here, McDonald's builds their new restaurants on the outskirts of selected cities, where highways, main roads, and country roads direct traffic past the restaurants, as we know it from large parts of Denmark. In Belgium, there's just a lot more traffic.  

The "pass-through machine" will be a success!

More space in the dishwashing area means that McDonald's Belgium wishes to install the larger hooded dishwasher - the JEROS 9120 - with a larger pre-washing table and side-by-side loading table.

At JEROS, we call this constellation a "pass-through machine," ... A constellation that makes it possible to pre-rinse on one side of the machine, push trays and other items into the machine, and pull all the cleaned dishes out on the other side WITHOUT lifting the dishes.

Ergonomics and good working postures are paramount in the fast food chain, and McDonald's needs a machine that can hold more dishes and get them cleaned - faster.

As an added benefit, restaurants minimize the costs associated with washing dishes - such as water, chemicals, energy, and employee resources - as larger machines mean McDonald's doesn't have to wash dishes nearly as often daily.

Larger utensil washer frees up valuable time
At JEROS, we are proud of the results we create with McDonald's. Both in Belgium and worldwide. We are proud that the fast food chain repeatedly gets a utensil washer that lasts for many years and ensures that the fast food chain's washing results are always consistent and bacteria-free with the shortest possible washing time and the lowest possible water consumption, energy, and chemicals.
Evita Rosdahl,
CEO & owner of JEROS