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Utensil Washers
Model 9110

Model 9110

Product information

Model 9110

JEROS "PULS" Wash System: 

Model 9110 features the unique, newly developed JEROS "PULS" Wash System as an optional extra. The "PULS" Wash is based on a new, efficient washing technology.

Highlights for 9110: 

  • Auto-Off function.
  • Energy saving, up to 25%.
  • Hygienic Machine Design.
  • New user-friendly control panel.
  • Environment-friendly "Eco Wash".
  • PULS Wash as an optional extra.
  • Higer/Larger wash volumen as option.
  • Self-cleaning "Duo Micro" Filter system.
Learn more about our collaboration with the Fast Food Industry
The New Model 9110

Commercial dishwasher | Small in size with high capacity

JEROS collaborates with the fast food industry worldwide by shipping our commercial dishwashers to groups such as McDonald's, Burger King, and KFC. 

Most Fast Food restaurants use one of our hood-type dishwashers - a Model 9110 or the larger Model 9120 - which we often supply with a specially designed table system as a complete set consisting of a pre-wash table with a sink, a commercial dishwasher, and a table for dropping off clean items.

The unique feature of our commercial dishwashers is the lid design. We are proud to say that McDonald's is particularly fond of the lid, which allows the machine to fit into even the smallest spaces without disrupting the daily workflow.

Learn more about our collaboration with the Fast Food Industry
Commercial dishwasher | Small in size with high capacity
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Ensuring absolute hygiene is our top priority!

Often, good hygiene is not visible to the naked eye, necessitating bacteriological tests to identify the presence of bacteria.

To consistently meet the growing demands for hygiene and veterinary control in the food industry, our commercial dishwashers and hygiene solutions undergo regular veterinary inspections at the esteemed Eurofins Steins Laboratory, a recognized global institute.

As the exclusive manufacturer of commercial dishwashers, we bear an exceptional responsibility in producing hygiene solutions for various industries.

Our quality control includes risk analysis and critical control points, where we adhere to HACCP guidelines to identify, assess, and manage areas directly impacting your hygiene safety.

Let's talk about our commitment to ensuring your hygiene standards

Achieve the shortest wash time with minimal water and chemical use

In a Model 9110 commercial dishwasher, those in the fast food industry can efficiently clean all kitchen and restaurant items and utensils. Our commercial dishwashers are designed to effectively clean and sanitize elements like fryers and trays for serving guests' food.

The ample space within the dishwasher's washing chambers accommodates various items and eliminates the need for employees to wash large items manually. This results in significant time, water, and chemical savings while maintaining the highest hygiene standards.

Additionally, restaurants can cut dishwashing costs as the washing chambers of hood-type dishwashers allow for cleaning more dishes at once. This reduces the frequency of daily dishwashing in fast-food establishments.

Notably, JEROS commercial dishwashers boast a 10-year lifespan in the fast food industry, providing long-term reliability and efficiency.