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Achieve water savings of up to 50% with a hood-type dishwasher from JEROS.
Fast Food

Achieve water savings of up to 50% with a hood-type dishwasher from JEROS.

Eliminate manual cleaning

JEROS's hood-type dishwasher ensures a consistent and high level of hygiene

If we take a global view, we often see that many people still wash dishes by hand in the fast food industry. This way of cleaning is problematic - partly in terms of ensuring a consistent and high level of hygiene, partly in terms of using less water and chemicals as possible and thus working as sustainably as possible.

When we visit fast food restaurants that still wash dishes by hand - manually - we find that all dishes have to go through 3 washes and the hands of several employees:

The first wash rinses off the dirty items, while washes 2 and 3 contain sanitizing liquids in which the washed items are immersed before drying.

When we show how much time, resources, and money they eventually save when they invest in a JEROS hood-type dishwasher, we can't help but be as excited as they are.

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Let us help you ensure a high level of hygiene and reduce water consumption
JEROS's hood-type dishwasher ensures a consistent and high level of hygiene
Get more value for your money with a spacious hood-type dishwasher!

Achieve the shortest possible wash time with the least amount of water and chemicals

In a JEROS machine, anyone in the fast food industry can wash all the items and utensils they use in and around the kitchen and lobby. Our hood-type dishwashers easily clean and sanitize even the elements that make up the fryer and the trays on which guests' food is served.

The fact that there is so much space in the dishwashers' washing chambers also has the advantage that employees don't have to wash large items by hand. This way, fast-food restaurants save time, water, and chemicals while maintaining the highest level of hygiene.

As an added benefit, restaurants also minimize the costs associated with washing dishes because the large washing chambers of the hood-type dishwashers allow the machines to hold more dishes at a time, meaning fast food restaurants further reduce the number of times they need to wash dishes daily.

JEROS hood-type dishwashers typically have a 10-year lifespan in the fast food industry.

Get to know the fast food industry's favorite hood-type dishwasher
Get to know the fast food industry's favorite hood-type dishwasher

Benefits of automating the washing process with a hood-type washer:

  • You can now clean 3 to 4 times as many items simultaneously as manually.
  • You ensure optimal hygiene as your items are disinfected with 85oC hot water.
  • You are guaranteed a consistent and thorough wash quality with clean, recirculated water.
  • With a data log, you can document that the cleaning has been done correctly at the correct temperatures.
  • You achieve up to 50% water savings compared to manual cleaning and rinsing, reducing chemical consumption.
  • Reduce washing time by up to 80% compared to manual cleaning, minimizing employee hours spent washing dishes.

There's a lot more dishwashing in a fast-food restaurant than most people think

Fast food restaurants cook for their customers around the clock. Therefore, when we visit a potential customer in the fast food industry, we often find that the customer's cleaning needs are far greater than initially thought.

Most often, the fast food restaurant's primary need is quick and hygienic cleaning of their serving trays. And fast and hygienic cleaning is necessary, as the trays are washed continuously throughout the day.

But once the fast food restaurant starts using one of our industrial hood-type dishwashers, they quickly realize that cleaning even sizable items in the dishwasher is much easier than cleaning them manually.

With JEROS hood-type dishwashers, fast food restaurants also clean:

  • cutting boards
  • various holders
  • kitchen utensils
  • baskets for deep frying
  • pomfrits dispensing funnels
  • and the trays on which the food is served. 

When we're in dialogue with the fast food industry, we're happy to share our experience in optimizing and customizing everything from baskets to holders and tables, all of which help to facilitate work processes in and around the dishwashing area.

Get an insight into how McDonald's in Aarup on Funen optimizes their dishwashing processes
Get an insight into how McDonald's in Aarup on Funen optimizes their dishwashing processes

Specially developed items from JEROS:

Baskets for loose items

To streamline the part of the cleaning process that JEROS helps McDonald's and others with, we have specially developed a series of baskets that the fast food chain's employees can pull directly into the hood washer from their pre-wash table.

Instead of putting all smaller items on the rack, we now ensure that even the most minor items are organized and that everything is kept intact when filling, washing, and emptying the hood-type dishwasher.

We have specially designed a two-story double basket to make dishwashing and cleaning processes even more efficient. Hence, everyone in fast food has the opportunity to clean even more items at the same time.

As an added benefit, all baskets can be used in JEROS under-counter and hood-type dishwashers, making it much easier to keep dishes organized.

Larger rinse tanks for longer rinsing times

In parts of the fast food and food processing industry, and especially in connection with the production of additives for soft drinks, it is required that the cleaned items in industrial and hood-type dishwashers are disinfected and rinsed for longer than what we characterize as standard procedure.

To meet this requirement, we have specially developed extra-large rinsing tanks to hold the amount of water needed for the 85oC rinse.

When needed, we produce flush tanks up to double the size of our standard.

Do you need a longer rinse? Let's talk about how we can help ⇨

For the Fast Food Industry, we typically supply the following hood-type dishwashers, warewashers, and equipment:

Help your dishwasher have the most extended life

How to maintain a hood-type dishwasher, utensil washer, and warewasher:

  1. Empty the filters once a day.

  2. Run the emptying program once a day.

  3. Check that there is no limescale or soap residue on the heater once a week.

All JEROS machines are designed with an integrated cleaning program. When you activate the wash pump, the utensil washer starts pumping water out while the nozzles clean the machine.

Finally, the machine is disinfected with 85oC hot water and completely emptied, ready for the next day.

Here, the built-in drain pump ensures that the dishwasher is completely drained of water, so there is no water in the piping system and the drain, which can cause foul odors and bacteria.

If you have any questions, please contact Product Manager, Per Rasmussen