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JEROS Utensil Washers. Flexible solutions for all needs
Revolutionize the hygiene standard. Differently!

JEROS Utensil Washers. Flexible solutions for all needs

Which utensil washer meets your needs?

Discover JEROS's extensive selection of utensil washers

JEROS provides 8 standard models tailored to your specific preferences and requirements.

As the demand for utensil dishwashers near production lines grows, numerous food companies are turning to us for efficient solutions to disassemble and clean washable items quickly.

When integrating a JEROS utensil washer into your production environment, we guarantee a seamless fit, even in limited spaces. While our most significant models, namely MODEL 8150, MODEL 8160, and JEROS ACE, are commonly employed in the food processing industry, we also offer utensil dishwashers with widths up to 600 mm.

Irrespective of size, every JEROS utensil washer has a distinctive feature: it allows access to the machine from three sides. This unique design ensures practicality and accessibility in your workflow.

Let us help you clarify your needs
Discover JEROS's extensive selection of utensil washers

Enhance your cleaning procedures with automation and enjoy the following advantages:

  • The data log provides evidence of correct and temperature-appropriate cleaning.
  • Ensure optimal hygiene in your production as items undergo disinfection with hot water at 85°C.
  • Save up to 50% on water usage compared to manual cleaning and rinsing, reducing chemical consumption.
  • Cut down cleaning time by as much as 80% compared to manual methods, minimizing production downtime.

Unique lid design causes optimum handling

All JEROS's utensil washers come with a specially designed lid that opens fully to allow easy operation and loading without causing back strain to operators.

This unique JEROS feature provides easy installation of the machines, even in the most minor production areas.

Further, the machine can be used as a sink when not in use as an automatic utensil washer.

Utensil washers fulfill the highest hygiene standards

Even the most persistent dirt is removed in a JEROS utensil washer! The fully automatic detergent dispenser ensures the optimum soap dosage, while the powerful pumps and rotating wash arms provide a brilliant wash result.

The end rinse pump guarantees a constant temperature of 85°C during the entire rinse period, and the utensils are sanitized. An additional advantage of the high-temperature rinse is the fast drying of utensils by evaporation; a rinse aid can be automatically added to assist with this process.

Energy saving up to 50 %

All our hygiene solutions come with the "i-version" as standard. They all have water-saving rinse nozzles, and both the wash and rinse tanks are insulated, as is the lid, which is insulated with a double wall.

As an outcome, JEROS utensil dishwashers require less operating power, resulting in energy and water savings of up to 50%, regardless of the model.

It is also possible to set the dishwashers to "auto off," as required, so they do not have to be left unnecessarily in standby mode if not used for prolonged periods.

Obtain significant hygienic advantages

Discover the new generation of the JEROS 9100 series!

The JEROS 9100 series comprises five new models:

The inside of the utensil dishwashers has been thoroughly redesigned, focusing on hygiene and easy cleaning. The inside surfaces are rounded to ensure quick and automatic water flow back to the filter and pumps.

Filters, wash arms, and wash frames come in electropolished surface finishes, leaving the stainless surface completely smooth to prevent dirt from sticking to the surfaces of the utensil dishwasher.

As a result, it makes it easier to clean and maintain the machine.

Contact us to learn more about the new JEROS 9100 series!
Obtain significant hygienic advantages! Discover the new generation of the JEROS 9100 series.

ECO wash & new double Micro-Filter 

As standard, all our models include an environmentally friendly ECO wash program for less dirty objects. When the ECO wash is selected, the utensil dishwasher washes with a reduced temperature and uses less soap - still rinsing with 85°C hot water to guarantee a hygienic result.

A unique double filtration system, with a progressive micro-fine filter, provides an efficient filtration of the wash water - thus entails a perfect washing result with less soap consumption and minimal water consumption.

Larger particles are collected in a coarse filter, whereas smaller particles are captured in the self-cleaning micro-fine filter.

During the washing and rinse process, the collected particles are drained out of the micro-fine filter from the bottom, just as well from the water's surface. This process ensures a constant optimum wash water quality.