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Utensil Washers
Model 8105

Model 8105

Product information

Model 8105

Highlights of 8105:

  • Automatic start.
  • Finger touch microcontroller.
  • Opening and closing system with gas springs.
  • An integrated self-cleaning system with 85°C hot water.
  • A wash area that allows washing of one basket 60x40x41 cm or 6-10 trays (max 60x40 cm) in one wash cycle.
  • Optimum accessibility because of the specially designed lid construction that allows you to load and empty the machine from 3 sides.
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The New Model 8105

Eliminating the need for manual cleaning

When it comes to automation, it’s all about how we ensure a uniform and thorough cleaning. This is done by replacing the manual cleaning of items - by hand or by rinsing the items with a water hose - with a solution that kills all bacteria every time.

Even in the smallest space, the JEROS 8105 will give you an excellent wash result. The width of the machine is the same as a traditional dishwasher, so a replacement is quickly done.

The JEROS Utensil Washers have a unique lid construction and provide outstanding wash results in a very compact space. Due to the lid construction, the space requirement for the machine is the same: open as closed.

Furthermore, the lid construction allows you to load and empty the machine from 3 sides.

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The New Model 8105. Eliminating the need for manual cleaning

Benefits of automating your washing process with a hooded utensil washer:

  • You can now clean 3 to 4 times as many items simultaneously as manually.
  • You ensure optimal hygiene as your items are disinfected with 85oC hot water.
  • You are guaranteed a consistent and thorough wash quality with clean, recirculated water.
  • With a data log, you can document that the cleaning has been done correctly at the correct temperatures.
  • You achieve up to 50% water savings compared to manual cleaning and rinsing, reducing chemical consumption.
  • Reduce washing time by up to 80% compared to manual cleaning, minimizing employee hours spent washing dishes.