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Quick cleaning of baking trays with JEROS's tray cleaner.
Bakery & Confectionary

Quick cleaning of baking trays with JEROS's tray cleaner.

Cleaning without water and chemicals

How to eliminate the need for manual cleaning of baking trays

Quick cleaning of baking trays is the most critical challenge bakeries, pastry shops, and confectionery manufacturers ask us to solve. Worldwide.

Our tray cleaners are designed to help the little bakery on the corner and the large production-heavy bakeries clean and oil their baking trays.

In JEROS's range, you will find a smaller tray cleaner for the manual insertion of trays and our extensive automated system with automatic tray insertion that frees up costly employee time and gives you time for more productive tasks.

Get to know our tray cleaners:

  • MODEL 9014 cleans baking trays and perforated trays. Do not apply oil.
  • MODEL 9015 cleans baking trays and perforated trays. Apply oil to finish. 
  • MODEL 9020 is our industrial and automated tray cleaning system that cleans baking and perforated trays and applies oil.
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Cleaning without water and chemicals

Achieve these benefits with a tray cleaner from JEROS:

  • Cleaning and oiling of 100 baking trays in 8 minutes
  • Cleaning baking trays WITHOUT the use of water and chemicals
  • A double pre-scraper system that optimizes the cleaning of the baking trays
  • Cleaning and oiling of up to 10,000 trays daily with our automatic tray cleaning system
  • An electricity consumption of 1.1 to 1.5 kW per cleaning is equivalent to the consumption of a vacuum cleaner at home.

Eliminate the need for manual cleaning of baking trays

Instead of scraping your baking trays free of dirt and crumbs by hand, JEROS's tray cleaner cleans the trays with the help of 2 to 6 sets of cleaning brushes, depending on which of our tray cleaners you need.

During the cleaning process, dirt and crumbs fall into a collector or a waste cart up to 50 L, making emptying and cleaning the collector as easy as possible.

Please remember to empty the collector regularly to achieve the best cleaning.

Oil film works like baking paper

When we advise you to choose a tray cleaner, we always make sure to clarify whether you need one of our tray cleaners that oils the baking trays after cleaning. A need most of our customers have.

Choosing so, your baking trays will be coated with a thin film of oil when they are clean.

The oil film works like the baking paper we know from home, making cakes and bread come off the trays quickly, making them much easier to clean.

Quick cleaning of baking trays with JEROS's tray cleaner
Bakery & Confectionary

Discover how JEROS's tray cleaners and other hygiene solutions work for you


Daily work becomes a minor task at Bäcker Görtz

Producing enormous quantities of bakery products daily requires a large number of baking trays and perforated trays – and they must be spotless!

After all, no quality flaw is more annoying to the customer than the bottom of one's bakery products being unclean.

"In addition to the best raw materials and the professional skills of our skilled bakers, clean baking trays have always been the basis for high quality," states master baker Frank Görtz from Bäcker Görtz categorically and continues:

"We bump into JEROS by chance when we visit the Heitzmann bakery. Here, they have set up one of their automatic tray cleaning systems, the JEROS 9020, with automatic tray insertion, and we immediately noticed that this is the solution to our challenges.

Until we met JEROS, we had two full-time employees to fill and empty our old tray cleaner for 7000 trays daily. Manually!

Now it's all done automatically! And especially the handling of all the clean trays is much more manageable since the trolleys can be moved to the relevant production facility and converted into a work surface in no time. Allowing trays to be loaded with minimum effort.

As a result, we now only have one employee to clean all our trays – and it's more or less a secondary task next to his other work."

- Frank Görtz, master baker and owner of Bäcker Görtz GmbH.

Clean baking trays have always been the basis for high quality
MODEL 9020

Automated tray cleaner with automatic tray insertion

Instead of spending person-hours on employees inserting trays individually into a tray cleaner, we have developed an automated solution with enough space to fit a trolley with baking trays.

This tray cleaner cleans one tray at a time, after which the tray is oiled and ready for use.

Our automatic tray cleaning system cleans and oils 150 baking trays in 15 minutes!

Before we developed JEROS's automatic tray cleaning system, we often found that our smaller tray cleaners employed up to 3 employees in larger bakeries. Their job was to ensure that the tray cleaners were always supplied with trays and received them when the clean trays were ready for use.

Today's need for more employees means that automation is necessary to maintain a smooth production flow. JEROS's automated tray cleaning system runs the trays through the tray cleaner and notifies you when they are ready for use.

When do you need an automated tray cleaning system?

Our automated tray cleaning system is developed for large bakeries needing cleaning and automatic oiling of 2,000 - 10,000 trays daily.

However, several customers need to clean and oil up to 40,000 trays daily when they bake shortbread, rye bread snacks, and the like. In those cases, we naturally look for you to have the number of automated tray cleaning systems installed in production that you need.

Here, there is typically a need for an employee to move the trolly with dirty trays into the tray cleaner and receive the filled trolly with cleaned trays when the cleaning is done.

Get to know JEROS's automated tray cleaner
Automated tray cleaner with automatic tray insertion - JEROS 9020

Optimal cleaning of baking trays with holes

Typically, perforated trays are used when bakeries bake all kinds of bread. Here, the heat is free to circulate. The holes are often blocked in this process, preventing hot air from flowing freely through the oven.

To clean baking trays with holes, we have created a tray cleaner - MODEL 9015 - that cleans the smooth surface and all the holes.

The cleaning brushes clean both sides of the tray, after which the final cleaning brush pushes all accumulated dirt out of the holes so that they do not stop and impair the energy and heat flow in the baking process.

After cleaning, the tray is coated with a thin layer of oil, which acts as baking paper.

TIP: To ensure optimal cleaning of your perforated trays, the container for collecting dirt must be emptied regularly.

Need to clean baking trays with holes? Learn how
Optimal cleaning of baking trays with holes
Working with chocolate?

If so, you need a thorough cleaning of hoses

Although we often talk about tray cleaners when working with bakeries and pastry shops, these industries also need a thorough cleaning of the process line.

Fortunately, our industrial dishwashers are a great help! And especially in larger productions of cakes and confectionery, where ingredients such as chocolate run through removable hoses, we experience a great need for thorough cleaning.

Chocolate has the property that it forms a coating in the hoses, especially if your industrial dishwasher is on standby overnight.

We have developed a system that internally rinses and washes the hoses to maintain optimal hygiene. Furthermore, it abolishes the manual cleaning we often see when the hoses are flushed by hand.

At JEROS, we have designed a solution where the hoses are placed in a spiral in our industrial dishwashers, ensuring that contamination never occurs.

This specially designed solution for cleaning hoses is also used to produce everything from icing and yogurt to tuna salad and chicken salad.

And always with the shortest possible washing time and with the least consumption of water and detergents.

Take a look at JEROS' industrial dishwashers
Working with chocolate? If so, you need a thorough cleaning of hoses