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Tray Cleaner
Model 9020

Model 9020

Product information

Model 9020

JEROS Industrial Tray Cleaner

  • Mobil scrapings container.
  • Capacity of 800 - 1000 trays per hour.
  • 2 brushes for cleaning of perforated trays.
  • Easy fix-system for main cleaning brushes.
  • The whole machine can be cleaned with water.
  • 3 main brushes for cleaning, made of polyamide.
  • External oil container with sight glass and circulation pump.
  • Trays are cleaned and greased with the baking side upwards.
  • All brushes can be adjusted individually to prolong the lifespan.
  • Quick coupling system for the cleaning brushes (Un-/mounting without tools).
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The New Model 9020

Cleans and oils 800 to 1000 trays per hour

JEROS's new industrial high-performance tray cleaner has the capacity to clean and oil 800 to 1000 trays per hour - a time-saving procedure that can be utilized for more productive tasks. 

Model 9020 has six brushes made of synthetic material, which are also available in stainless steel as optional extras. The tray cleaner is suited especially for handling trays with up to 2 edges and can be used for solid flat and perforated trays.

In the cleaning process, the trays are taken through the system and cleaned with the baking side up, which means that they are ready to be used immediately without any need to turn them over. 

Furthermore, the Model 9020 is produced to suit customer tray specifications.

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The New Model 9020. Cleans and oils 800 to 1000 trays per hour

Model 9020 | Highlights and advantages:

  • Our industrial tray cleaner comes with a newly developed spray system, where the hygienic KEG-return system with six selectable nozzles is used to spray oil on the plates.

    The uniform pressure and the development of the Armix nozzles cause a very cost-saving and dust-free oil layer on the baking sheet. If oiling is not required, it can easily be disconnected without tools.

  • The residue removed from the trays drops into a waste collection tray mounted on wheels, making tray emptying easier.
  • The waste tray has a capacity of 50 liters. Optionally, it can be equipped with an accompanying plastic bag for convenience and simplicity when the waste tray must be emptied.

  • Our industrial tray cleaner is made in optional heights fitted on sturdy, rustproof wheels, allowing the tray cleaner to be removed after use.

  • After cleaning trays, the tray cleaner can be foamed with soap and washed with hot water to achieve a high hygiene standard, as on the inside of the machine.