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Our utensil washer reduces downtime and ensures your hygiene.
Food Processing Industry

Our utensil washer reduces downtime and ensures your hygiene.

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Get a custom-made utensil washer for cleaning your process line

Cleaning equipment for the food processing industry has always been JEROS's core business.

When we develop, produce, and sell utensil washers, crate washers, and barrel washers, our primary goal is to minimize downtime and ensure a high hygiene level in any production. We do so by automating the washing methods so that you can get the best results.

We constantly optimize the machines so our customers get their desired solutions - or to create better performance in production.

We consider all our customer relationships as partnerships. Whether the acquaintance is new or we have known each other for years, we must work closely together to understand how your production is evolving. This makes it easier for us to offer you custom-made solutions.

With JEROS as a partner, we identify your needs for hygiene solutions directly or through our global dealer network.

In collaboration with us, you'll get a solution specially designed to clean your process line as efficiently as possible with short wash times - and minor water consumption and cleaning agents.

All this is done to ensure and document your level of hygiene and the ergonomics of the work environment.

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A utensil washer reduces downtime and ensures your hygiene!

Automate your cleaning process and experience the following benefits:

  • The data log shows that the cleaning has been done correctly at the proper temperatures.
  • You are guaranteed optimal hygiene in your production, where your items are disinfected with 85oC hot water.
  • You can save up to 50% water compared to manual cleaning and rinsing, reducing the consumption of chemicals.
  • You reduce the cleaning time by up to 80% compared to manual cleaning while minimizing the downtime in your production.
Avoid manual cleaning

Reduce your washing time by up to 80%

When you produce various products, the filling line often consists of removable components that must be cleaned between shifts.

These are typically removable components, such as multi-head weights, weight bowls, and chutes for automatically weighing various foods, ranging from chicken, marinated meat, kebab, vegetables, and dried fruit to nuts, snacks, and chips.

Mainly, when concerned with weighing equipment, it is crucial for a regular cleaning every 3 hours to avoid fat accumulations, which can cause uneven weighed dosages.

These removable items are also often costly to replace, which is why we have designed several racks for our utensil washers. This is partly to ensure that the items do not break or get lost during the automated cleaning processes – partly for 100% control over unwashed and cleaned items in your production.

Thus, protecting the components from contamination.

Let us help you reduce your washing time by up to 80%
Let us help you reduce your washing time by up to 80%
An automated and short cleaning time increases the efficiency and the production time in your company while, at the same time, the result is uniform and bacteria-free.
Evita Rosdahl,
CEO & owner of JEROS
Clean recycled water

Ensures a uniform and thorough cleaning

When it comes to automation, it’s all about how we ensure a uniform and thorough cleaning. This is done by replacing the manual cleaning of process equipment - by hand or by rinsing the items with a water hose - with a solution that kills all bacteria every time.

At JEROS, you can choose a solution where we collect your cleaning results via a data log. You can then document that your cleaning has been carried out correctly at 50 - 60oC with chemicals and 85oC when rinsing with clean hot water.

The clean water is collected in a tank below your utensil washer and will automatically be recycled during the next wash. From a sustainable perspective, JEROS's unique solution for recycling positively affects the company's water consumption.

We see this positive effect since all utensil washers from JEROS ensure a water saving of up to 50% while we reduce the cleaning time by up to 80%.

Whether your production line is cleaned manually or by utensil washers, time plays a significant role in production. However, cleaning must help reduce downtime and positively affect overall hygiene.

Clean recycled water ensures a uniform and thorough cleaning

Which utensil washer for the food processing industry should you choose?

JEROS offers nine standard utensil washers - all of which we design and build unique solutions according to your wishes and needs.

Today, we experience an increasing number of food companies turning to us with the desire to install an industrial dishwasher close to the process line so the washable items can be quickly dismantled and cleaned.

When a utensil washer becomes part of your production environment, we ensure it will easily fit in - even if the space is tight.

Typically, our largest utensil washers - MODEL 8150, MODEL 8160, and JEROS ACE - are used in the food processing industry. However, we also have industrial dishwashers available up to 600 mm in width.

Regardless of size, JEROS's utensil washer is born with a unique feature that gives you access to the machine from three sides.

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Which utensil washer for the food processing industry should you choose?
Food Processing Industry

Discover how JEROS's utensil washers and other hygiene solutions work for you

A unique washing frame ensures optimal hygiene

To provide the absolute best washing ability, we have designed a cleaning method allowing our washers to clean the machine's cabinet thoroughly.

Unlike the dishwasher we know from average households, JEROS's large industrial dishwashers contain a washing frame that continuously flushes water from four sides while the frame maneuvers back and forth - just like in a car wash!

Even with a utensil washer completely stacked, this washing method ensures high hygiene safety.

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A unique washing frame ensures optimal hygiene