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When producing one million scones daily, consistent hygiene results are crucial!
Case story | Meet Haywood & Padgett Ltd

When producing one million scones daily, consistent hygiene results are crucial!

After looking at several Utensil Washers from different manufacturers and using different washing methods, we decided that the JEROS washing system with the traveling frame and high-temperature rinse cycle suited our needs. Once installed, it proved to be the correct choice, giving good results and being very operator-friendly.
Andy Harrison,
Project Manager at Haywood and Padgett Ltd
Meet Haywood and Padgett Ltd

Home of the award winning scones!

Haywood and Padgett is a family-owned Yorkshire bakery that has been operating for over 30 years.

The Bakery saw the light of day in 1987 with the founders opening a market stall in Barnsley in South Yorkshire, selling handmade scones to the residents.

While the stall featured various products, such as cakes and bread, the scones gained popularity and fostered customer loyalty. Recognizing an opportunity in the supermarket sector, the owners identified a gap and sent samples to prominent names.

The fine-quality scones proved to be a success, leading to nationwide distribution in supermarkets across the United Kingdom.

Today, all of the current leaders are the owners' children, who practically grew up in the Bakery - and even though the organization has grown and now collaborates with supermarket chains such as Tesco and Morrisons, the management team is committed to maintaining the personal approach that the company has always had - both with customers and employees.

With over 30 years of experience - and through a sustained period of growth and expansion - Haywood and Padgett is the largest scone manufacturer in the United Kingdom, producing over 1 million of these delectable items daily for both commercial and wholesale markets.

Visit Haywood and Padgett and enjoy their scones!
Improving hygiene standards further ...

Consistent and efficient cleaning is paramount!

Focusing on future-oriented investment and planning has always been integral to Haywood and Padgett's business. The company sought a more environmentally friendly cleaning solution, recognizing an opportunity to elevate its hygiene standards.

Before teaming up with JEROS, several production items were pressure-washed by hand. This cleaning process is very time-consuming, with a high use of water, chemicals, and energy; instead, Haywood and Padgett wanted their cleaning methods to support the company's mission to be far more environmentally friendly.

During a visit to the IBA convention in Munich, Germany, the team from Haywood and Padgett explored options for efficient and consistent cleaning of challenging production items, aiming to eliminate manual, labor-intensive processes.

Following a demonstration and trial, Haywood and Padgett concluded that the JEROS Model 8160 was the ideal solution for their facility. It enhances hygiene operations, reduces cleaning time, labor costs, and chemical expenses, and conserves water.

The test of our Model 8160 passed with flying colors! 

"At the convention, we agreed that upon our return to the United Kingdom, the bakery team from Haywood and Padgett would visit our English head office in Doncaster. The bakery team then brought some of their items from the Bakery for a demonstration and a test wash," Phil Dixon, Commercial Director at JEROS UK, explains and continues:

"Haywood and Padgett brought examples of containers used in the production that had been pre-swabbed by the hygiene team so they knew what level of dirt was still on it.

The containers were then run through the JEROS Utensil Washer and swabbed after the cycle to show the level of cleaning and that the washer provided the results needed. Our washer surpassed expectations and passed the swab test on every item." 

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Haywood and Padgett testing JEROS Model 8160

Using a JEROS Utensil Washer, the result is always the same!

When an employee does the washing by hand, the result is only as good as the human putting time and effort into it. Two cleanings by hand will typically show different results, but using a JEROS utensil washer, the result is always the same.

The conclusion was, therefore, that JEROS's range would give them the results they needed. The only question was which size model to choose.

The JEROS's range offers a variety of sizes to suit all sites; in this instance, it was evident that the largest model in the range - our Model 8160 - was the perfect solution due to the volume and size of the production items, which should be washed - in partially the large plastic containers.

How to use a utensil washer from JEROS

When we installed our utensil washer at Haywood and Padgett, we also trained the entire hygiene team to operate the machine - and they were all very fond of how efficient and operator-friendly the dishwasher is.

Of course, they have to place the dirty items in the machine and remove the clean ones, but when the machine washes for approximately six minutes at a time, the employees can do many other things when time is freed up.

What can Haywood & Padgett clean in a utensil dishwasher?

Your imagination is the only limit to what you can clean in a utensil washer.

At Haywood & Padgett, they clean all the machine parts from their production line, and our dishwasher easily cleans and sanitizes all other suitable elements like storage buckets, all the plastic items on-site, and their cleaning items. The only limit is size. 

The design and the washing system allow flexible washing of all items without sorting, as the cleaning team can place different-sized objects into the machine.


Haywood and Padgett achieve consistent and efficient hygiene results from day one!

The JEROS utensil washer - Model 8160 - is already transforming the company's way of cleaning: Not only does the utensil washer provide the required cleaning results - but it also reduces labor costs and chemical and water usage. Last but not least, it increases the speed of the cleaning process significantly. 

Let's help you ensure consistent and efficient hygiene results