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Hygiene solutions at its finest!

In 1963, our very first tray cleaners were delivered to small Danish bakeries from our newly founded and family-owned company. Today, we operate all over the world while we develop, produce, and sell:

Both standard solutions and custom-made machines are produced, all adding value to the customer's everyday life. No matter what kind of hygiene solution you need, the process you engage in is all about responsibly easing your challenges.

We'll do so by involving you in product development, ensuring you have a functional, reliable solution that meets all your expectations concerning quality, service, and documentation.

Our utensil washers, tray cleaners, and crate washers are developed and produced for companies worldwide within the food processing industry, the retail industry, the cosmetic industry, transport and logistics, and the fast food and snack industry.

Therefore, we work closely with a wide range of customers, including global chains and large industrial companies such as McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, PepsiCo, Nestlé, Unilever, Arla, and Orkla.

Evita Rosdahl, CEO & owner of JEROS.

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Hygiene solutions at its finest!
More than 60 years of experience!

Solutions developed with industry – for industry

From a historical point of view, the 70s was the decade when our European network of dealers was established. In this decade, our founder, Knud Rosdahl, also discovered the need for utensil washers, and we started specializing.

Today, we are the oldest manufacturer of tray cleaners for trays with two borders and the present market leader in Europe. Furthermore, we now operate in more than 40 countries worldwide, where you'll find our tray cleaners, utensil washers, and hygiene solutions in various models and sizes.

Due to the excellent knowledge and extensive experience acquired over the years, JEROS has an in-depth understanding of industrial companies' daily challenges:

"A close dialogue with customers and a flexible production means we develop and produce ware washers that meet particular customer needs. We provide our knowledge and closely examine what parts the machines should be able to clean.

Many of our models were born due to requests - for example, when a customer was looking for a solution to wash 50 -100 barrels daily. We have specially developed a washer with an insert that makes it possible to clean the barrels inside and out simultaneously," our CEO and owner, Evita Rosdahl, explains.

The model became a standard machine because we learned others had similar needs.

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JEROS's milestones:

In 1963, JEROS was founded by Knud Rosdahl in Odense, Denmark, where the production of tray cleaners began.

Since 1972, JEROS has been specializing in the production of utensil washers.

In 1990, the company moved to Ringe, 20 km outside Odense.

From the mid-1990s, approximately 85% of the sales are exported to countries worldwide.

Since 2002, JEROS has been certified by STEINS Laboratorium and CE and complies with all the HACCP regulations.

Since 2018, JEROS has had about sixty employees – including seven apprentices.

We carry our employees in our hearts!

At JEROS, we think and act globally

Through our strong network of experienced dealers and service organizations, we have a broad international perspective. Still, we are very much locally engaged.

We treasure our local community and work purposefully to contribute to the community regarding jobs and apprenticeships since we need to develop and educate the future workforce.

We do this because we rely on a team of innovative employees who ensure future development with their skills and know-how.

That is why we constantly work to be clear and visible in our communication when actively seeking to enrich our business, the local community, and society with talented and well-rounded people.

Evita Rosdahl, CEO & owner of JEROS, and Brian Jørgensen, COO.

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We carry our employees in our hearts!