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Make room for increased revenue with a hooded dishwasher from JEROS.
Snack Industry

Make room for increased revenue with a hooded dishwasher from JEROS.

Eliminate manual cleaning of process equipment and multi-head weighers

Reduced downtime turns into increased revenue

Globally, we are consuming more and more snacks.

This growing demand means that the challenge we most often face is how our professional hooded dishwashers help to increase production efficiency by reducing downtime while ensuring consistent and bacteria-free washing results every time.

And it's no secret that JEROS's range of dishwashers helps generate increased revenue for the snack industry while ensuring optimal hygiene on the filling line in production.

Let's outline an example of how reduced downtime translates into increased revenue:

When a snack manufacturer has finished producing one product with one seasoning, the entire process line, including feeders, multi-head weighers, weighing bowls, and chutes for automatic weighing and bagging, must be cleaned before the manufacturer starts a new production with a new spice or flavor.

This typically involves the production of crisps, nut mixes, dried fruit, sweets, and chocolate.

Before we developed the specially designed hygiene solutions for the snack producers, all removable items on the production line were removed, placed in boxes, and carried down from the ledge on the line where the weighing takes place to the production cleaning area where the items are cleaned. Manually.

This manual cleaning process typically lasts 2 to 3 hours per production. It is an actual downtime where the manufacturer cannot produce other snacks. At the same time, there is a high risk of parts breaking during manual washing, which can lead to an actual production shutdown!

The snack manufacturer, therefore, loses revenue.

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Reduced downtime turns into increased revenue.

Gain more time for production!

To reduce washing time by up to 80% compared to manual cleaning - significantly minimizing production downtime - we have developed the JEROS ACE system, which, in addition to a hooded dishwasher or a MODEL 8160 with roller blind, consists of the following:

  • A frame with an insertion and control guide is mounted in the dishwasher.

  • A specially designed trolley for transporting the holders with the attached weighing bowls from the multi-head weighers to the dishwasher. Here, the holder with the weighing bowls is pushed into the dishwasher.

  • A set of two universal scale holders suitable for most manufacturers' brands. However, the size of the racks is adapted to the liter size of the snack bags.

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Professional cleaning of multi-head weighers

Hanging all weighing equipment on racks before washing helps to ensure that the equipment is not damaged or gets lost during the automated washing processes.

Using the racks, you can also be sure that there is 100% control over unwashed and washed equipment in the production area, so contamination never occurs.

And to minimize the time it takes to fill and empty the hooded dishwasher, our total hygiene solution is designed to be implemented directly at the filling line in your production.

If there is no space for a hooded dishwasher at the filling line, transporting the racks with the removable items to and from the washing area on the trolleys we have specially developed for the racks is a huge time saver.

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Load/unload the scale part directly at the weighing unit easily and safely without any tools.

The trolley with the scale components saved fixed is rolled to the front of the JEROS ACE system.

Push the rack from the trolley into the JEROS ACE System for cleaning without any heavy lifting.

Start the automatic washing process with the optional cycles of only 6 to 8 minutes.

RESULTS | Reduced downtime turns into increased revenue

Our hooded dishwashers are designed to solve the challenges you face in the snack industry. Challenges that have food safety and minimizing downtime at their core.

This means that good hygiene and short downtime go hand in hand.

Depending on your chosen machine, washing in a JEROS professional hooded dishwasher takes 6 to 8 minutes. And because the cleaned items dry quickly, you'll be ready for a new production within 30 minutes!

Compared to manual cleaning, which takes 2 to 3 hours per production, you get an economic gain that translates into much more production time, topped with a washing result that is always uniform and bacteria-free.

Get an insight into how Orkla Confectionery & Snacks saves 80% on wash downtime

That's why you should automate your washing process:

  • You get a consistent and thorough washing quality with clean, recirculated water.
  • You get optimal hygiene in production, as your items are rinsed and disinfected with 85 degrees of hot water.
  • Via a data log, you can document that the cleaning has been done correctly at the proper temperatures.
  • You achieve water savings of up to 50% compared to manual cleaning and thus reduce your chemical consumption.
  • You reduce washing time by up to 80% compared to manual cleaning, significantly minimizing production downtime.
Snack Industry

Discover how JEROS's hooded dishwashers and other hygiene solutions work for you.

Cleaning production equipment for the food and snack industry has always been JEROS's core business. When we develop, produce, and sell industrial dishwashers, crate washers, and tunnel systems for professional use, we always work on automating your washing processes in the best viable way to minimize downtime and ensure hygiene in your production.
Evita Rosdahl,
CEO & owner of JEROS
Avoid transferring allergens!

Which hooded dishwasher should you choose?

How often your processing equipment should be washed depends on the type of snacks you produce.

Suppose you are working with nuts and switching from production with, e.g., hazelnuts to another snack mix. In that case, it is crucial to ensure that all processing equipment and all contractual components, such as chutes, are adequately cleaned.

This way, you reduce the risk of transferring the nut allergens that cause allergies to other products.

At JEROS, we find that more and more snack manufacturers are requesting to install a hooded dishwasher close to the process line so that the washable items can be quickly removed and washed.

Often the manufacturer washes over 30 weighing bowls from the weighing machine simultaneously. Therefore, it is typically our largest dishwashers with trolleys, baskets, and racks - MODEL 8150, MODEL 8160, and JEROS ACE - that become part of the production environment in the snack industry.

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