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Our commercial dishwasher guarantees optimal hygiene safety.
Meat, Poultry & Fish

Our commercial dishwasher guarantees optimal hygiene safety.

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Let our commercial dishwasher minimize your washing time

Industrial production of meat, poultry, and fish is often associated with storage in tubs, crates, and barrels and weighing in weight bowls that can hold anywhere from 0.5 to 10 kg.

And as we know, both food storage and weight bowls must be cleaned efficiently at the shortest possible washing time and with minimum water and soap consumption.

No matter what kind of food you manage and which hygiene solution you choose, our washing process is automated to ensure your hygiene and minimize washing time and consumption of chemicals.

We operate close to the process line when you deal with meat - typically in smaller slaughterhouses and butcher shops. At the same time, we automate your washing processes in the best way possible while minimizing downtime and ensuring optimal hygiene safety in the slaughterhouse.

Handling poultry and fish, we frequently meet a need for cleaning crates, weighing systems, and packaging systems, which we remedy with JEROS commercial dishwashers and crate washers.

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JEROS's commercial dishwasher guarantees optimal hygiene safety.

Automate your cleaning process and experience the following benefits:

  • You are guaranteed a uniform and thorough washing quality with clean recycled water.
  • You are guaranteed optimal hygiene in your production, where your items are disinfected with 85C hot water.
  • You can save up to 50% water compared to manual cleaning and rinsing, reducing the consumption of chemicals.
  • You can document that the cleaning has been conducted correctly at the proper temperatures through the data log.
  • You reduce the cleaning time by up to 80% compared to manual cleaning while minimizing the downtime in your production.
JEROS's commercial dishwasher

Guaranteed hygiene is paramount

Good hygiene is not always something we see with the naked eye. To identify whether bacteria are present bacteriologically, tests come into play.

To ensure that our commercial dishwashers and hygiene solutions always meet the increasing demands for good hygiene and veterinary control in the food industry, we regularly undergo veterinary inspections at the recognized and worldwide institute - Eurofins Steins Laboratory.

That we do as the only manufacturer of commercial dishwashers.

We have an extraordinary responsibility when we produce hygiene solutions for the food industry. Therefore, risk analysis and critical control points are part of our control, where we use HACCP guidelines to find, assess and manage areas that directly impact your hygiene safety.

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JEROS's commercial dishwasher | Guaranteed hygiene is paramount

Reduce water consumption by up to 50% compared to manual cleaning

When you choose a dishwasher from JEROS, you are part of a sustainable mission. A mission with one goal: to help you save up to 50% water compared to the water consumption of manual cleaning. Meanwhile, we reduce your cleaning time by up to 80%.

Working sustainable conversion into our development of utensil washers, crate washers, and barrel washers is highly prioritized. When we optimize our solutions and develop new ones, we are constantly working to:

  • Minimize your wash time.
  • Reduce your consumption of water and chemicals.
  • Reuse the hot water used to rinse off and disinfect.
  • Minimize your number of crates and barrels, as JEROS's industrial solutions help you always to have clean storage ready to use.

Evita Rosdahl, CEO & owner of JEROS.

Let’s reduce your water and energy consumption

Which commercial dishwasher should you choose?

JEROS offers 8 standard utensil washers – all of which we design and build unique solutions according to your wishes and needs.

In the slaughterhouse industry, the choice of model is typically about how sizable items the dishwasher must be able to clean and how quickly. Here, we often see that the customer needs more than one of our larger models, such as MODEL 9117, MODEL 8150, and MODEL 8160, when they need to clean:

  • A wide selection of knives.
  • Bales, crates, and barrels.
  • Detachable components such as weighing scales for weighing.
  • Plates, sticks, and other process equipment – i.e., for smoking.

When a dishwasher becomes part of the production environment, we always consider how it will fit in – even if space is tight. Precisely for this reason, our large hygiene solutions are born with a hood that automatically opens upwards when the washing process is completed.

Regardless of size, JEROS's commercial dishwasher is born with a unique feature that gives you access to the machine from three sides. Therefore, you can place the dishwasher in a corner arrangement if the space is tight.

Because most dishwashers open upwards, you are guaranteed an ergonomic workflow. You place the items directly in the machine without any height barriers.

If you do not have space in the height for a lid to open upwards, our MODEL 8160 is designed to meet this challenge via a roller blind that opens and closes automatically.

Cleaning from four sides with a minimum of chemistry

To provide the absolute best washing ability, we have designed a cleaning method allowing our washers to thoroughly clean the machine's cabinet.

Unlike the dishwasher we know from average households, JEROS's large commercial dishwashers contain a washing frame that continuously flushes water from four sides while the frame maneuvers back and forth. This technique ensures a faster and easier cleaning because the chemistry is allowed to work before the frame returns and rinses off.

Automatic soap dosing in all machines

All our machines are equipped with an automatic sensor-controlled soap dispenser.

For each wash, the sensor measures the quality of the water and supplies itself with the amount of soap needed. As a result, soap consumption is often much smaller, which benefits the environment.

JEROS dishwashers are also equipped with an end-to-rinse pump as standard, which provides constant high pressure on the rinse nozzles - a strain that means your machine is independent of the pressure from the waterworks.

To ensure adequate disinfection of the cleaned items, the rinse pump maintains a constant temperature of 85C throughout the final rinse, just as our temperature barriers mean that the dishwasher only starts its program when it has reached the correct temperature.

As a result, you will experience an exceptionally elevated level of hygiene even with a full commercial dishwasher.

Meat, Poultry & Fish

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Fish is a natural source of protein. When you clean, however, it can be challenging to wash away all the foam that the proteinaceous liquid from the fish forms, primarily when you work with cutting and filleting fish.

When you manage fish, we install a foam damper in your dishwasher while guiding you in how the dosage of chemistry should be so that you achieve proper hygiene.
Per Rasmussen,
Product Manager
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