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Automatic tray cleaning system from JEROS
Model 9020 | Industrial Tray Cleaner

Automatic tray cleaning system from JEROS

The New Model 9020

When do you need an automatic tray cleaning system?

Our automatic tray cleaning system is developed for large bakeries needing cleaning and automatic oiling of 2,000 - 10,000 trays daily.

However, several customers need to clean and oil up to 40,000 trays daily when they bake shortbread, rye bread snacks, and the like. In those cases, we naturally look for you to have the number of automated tray cleaning systems installed in production that you need.

JEROS's tray cleaning system operates automatically and requires two manual operations: moving in and removing the tray trolley. Depending on tray size, cleaning a full tray trolley takes about 20 minutes, including automatic oiling.

A visual indicator signals when the tray trolley is empty and stops the system when the receiving tray trolley is full. The full trolley is then replaced by an empty tray trolley from the feeding section, where a new trolley with dirty trays is placed to repeat the task.

The automatic tray cleaning system is enclosed, insulated, and designed to reduce noise, creating a safe operational environment. Even in environments with a high concentration of flour dust, it does not adversely affect the system.

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How to clean the trays without water and chemicals:

  • The trays are fed into the machine.

  • The pre-scraper system removes the trays, and the pressure of the rollers ensures optimum cleaning and helps keep the trays' surface flat.

  • The driving roller ensures the trays pass through the machine evenly and crushes any sugar deposits, allowing easy removal from the trays.

  • The high-speed steel or nylon cleaning brushes remove burnt-on deposits from the trays into the waste collection container. This container must be emptied regularly to ensure optimal cleaning of the trays.
  • The driving roller transports the trays through the final cleaning brushes, which makes additional cleaning and clears the holes when cleaning perforated trays.

  • The unique finishing brush removes fine deposits, extending the oil's life.

  • The driving roller transports the trays through the automatic oiling system, after which the trays automatically fall into the tray wagon.

  • Trays are cleaned with the baking side up, allowing them to be immediately used without turning.

  • Optional cleaning brushes are available in steel, nylon, and stainless steel.

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PLC control with a large touchscreen

We have developed a graphical display system that clarifies the system's operational status. However, the automatic tray cleaning system allows manual control of individual functions in a particular service mode: Process monitoring, error reading, and data log.

Service Guarantee

The servicing and maintenance that we offer, combined with our knowledge of industrial cleaning requirements, make JEROS the right partner.

We only use the highest quality suppliers and parts to ensure you have many years of trouble-free use.

Replaceable side brushes

The steel/nylon brushes are equipped with side brushes that can be replaced in minutes, as the side brushes wear out much faster than the other brushes due to the edges of the trays.

Instead of replacing the entire brush, replacing the side brush is enough to continue cleaning effectively. Experience has shown that our brushes have a 6-8 year lifespan when cleaning 500 trays daily.

JEROS Aqua Clean offers significant hygienic advantages

Cleaning of the automatic tray cleaner itself 

Since the automatic tray cleaning system must also be cleaned regularly, JEROS has developed some details that make this job easier and quicker. Daily cleaning takes under a quarter of an hour.

After opening the top hood and removing the cover plates, it simply entails brushing out the cleaning residues, which then fall into the dirt-collecting compartment, which is emptied.

Twice a week, the inside of the tray cleaning machine undergoes intensive wet-cleaning with a steam cleaner; some brushes can be remo­ved for separate cleaning in a utensil washer without needing tools.

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