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Tray Cleaner
Model 9015

Model 9015

Product information

Model 9015

Highlights of 9015:

  • Noise reduced by 3 dB.
  • New hygienic machine design.
  • Cleaning the machine with water.
  • Double pre-scraps for improved cleaning.
  • All materials in stainless steel and synthetic materials.
  • The oiling system is now directly driven for improved oiling of the baking trays. 

Advantages of 2rim/edge trays:

  • Stacked trays require less storage space.
  • Fewer trays are required since cleaned trays are always available.
  • Eliminate time-consuming and manual cleaning and scraping of trays or handling of baking paper.
  • The inlet and output driving rollers have a large diameter, applying equal pressure on all trays, ensuring they remain perfectly even.
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The New Model 9015

Eliminating the need for manual cleaning of baking trays

JEROS's tray cleaners are designed to help the little bakery on the corner and the large production-heavy bakeries clean and oil their baking trays.

In our range, you will find a smaller tray cleaner for the manual insertion of trays, and our extensive automated system with automatic tray insertion frees up costly employee time and gives you time for more productive tasks.

Get to know our tray cleaners:

  • MODEL 9014 cleans baking trays and perforated trays. Do not apply oil.
  • MODEL 9015 cleans baking trays and perforated trays. Apply oil to finish. 
  • MODEL 9020 is our industrial and automated tray cleaning system that cleans baking and perforated trays and applies oil.
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The New Model 9014. Eliminating the need for manual cleaning of baking trays

Cleans and greases 100 trays within 6-8 minutes

JEROS's new high-performance tray cleaner cleans and oils 100 trays within 6-8 minutes - a time-saving procedure that can be utilized for more productive tasks. 

Model 9015 has two sets of brushes made of synthetic material, also available in stainless steel as optional extras. The tray cleaner is suited especially for perforated trays and solid baking trays. 

How to clean the trays:

The tray cleaner has two efficient pre-scrapers, which remove most of the burned deposits remaining on both sides of the baking tray before the tray moves onto the cleaning brushes. This process ensures efficient pre-cleaning with less residue entering the cleaning system and significantly prolongs the efficiency and life of the brushes.

The cleaning brushes then clean the top and bottom surfaces of the tray - allowing the finishing brushes to clean and remove residue from the holes in perforated trays to prevent them from clogging, thus reducing the energy and heat flow of the baking process.

The tray then passes through the automatic oiling system, which you set on/off as required. An automated oiling system eliminates the need for greaseproof paper, significantly reduces oil consumption, and saves costly employee time.

The residue removed falls into a waste collection tray, which is easy to empty and clean. The machine is available for all 2-edge tray sizes and is made in optional heights fitted on sturdy, rustproof wheels, allowing the tray cleaner to be removed after use.

All JEROS Tray Cleaners are produced to suit customer tray specifications.

The new 9015. Cleans and greases 100 trays within 6-8 minutes

Achieve the following benefits with a Model 9015 Tray Cleaner:

  • Cleaning and greasing one hundred baking trays in 6-8 minutes.
  • Cleaning baking trays WITHOUT the use of water and chemicals.
  • A double pre-scraper system that optimizes the cleaning of the baking trays.
  • An electricity consumption of 1.1 to 1.5 kW per cleaning is equivalent to the consumption of a vacuum cleaner at home.
  • The industrial tray cleaner can be foamed with soap and cleaned with hot water to achieve a high hygiene standard, as on the inside of the machine.