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How the JEROS ACE system works:

The JEROS ACE system is the most efficient way of cleaning. A set-up of the ACE system contains:

  • A subframe with guide rollers mounted inside the washer. The tailor-made rack, loaded with scale components, is rolled from the trolley to the subframe. As the rack is split into two parts, pushing the loaded rack into the washer is ergonomic and easy.
  • One trolley with guide rollers. Transport the racks with scale parts from the weigher to the washer and vice versa.
  • To hold the scale parts, a set of two racks per type of weigher is tailor-made.
Hygienic results in 6 to 8 minutes!

Industrial cleaning system for multi-head weigher components

The JEROS ACE cleaning system is the most flexible and efficient for cleaning scale parts. 

This system will substantially reduce the time you need to clean scale parts. It speeds up production by reducing the product change-over time, cutting labor costs, making cleaning more manageable, and achieving a perfect cleaning result.

By automating the washing process, a uniform level of hygiene is achieved, eliminating the risk of contamination of the production.

The ACE system is a solution for the increased hygiene regulations in the food industry. Due to the rinse temperature of 85ºC, all components are sanitized and bacteria-free - a result certified by the Eurofins Steins Laboratory.

Learn more about how JEROS ACE helps increase revenue in the snack industry

Automate your cleaning process and experience the following benefits:

  • One person can handle the whole job.

  • The maximum weight to be lifted is the weight of only one hopper (2,5 - 3,5 kg).

  • The JEROS washers can and are mostly placed on the weighers' platform, so the distance between the weighers and washers is short, resulting in a very short transport time.

  • Experience shows that the wash time in, for example, the snack food industry is approximately 6 to 8 minutes, and in the vegetable industry, it is about 3 minutes.
  • When the components are washed in the washer, an employee can dry the weigher center or prepare the next set for washing.

  • The whole cleaning procedure - loading the racks on the trolley with the hoppers, transporting, rolling the racks from the trolley into the washer, washing and, at the same time, dry-cleaning the weigher center, moving the racks out of the washer onto the trolley, transporting and placing the hoppers back on the weigher - with the ACE system takes only 20-30 minutes.

  • The hoppers are cleaned with opened flaps and tensioned springs.

  • After rinsing at 85ºC, the hoppers are practically dry and can be placed back on the weigher.

  • No damaged components.

Load/unload the scale part directly at the weighing unit easily and safely without any tools.

The trolley with the scale components saved fixed is rolled to the front of the JEROS ACE system.

Push the rack from the trolley into the JEROS ACE System for cleaning without any heavy lifting.

Start the automatic washing process with the optional cycles of only 6 to 8 minutes.

Unique Lid construction

The specially designed lid of the JEROS industrial utensil washers ensures optimum integration into the working rotation. The lid construction of Model 9130 and Model 8150 makes it possible to feed the machine from three sides and gives easy access to placing items into the machine.

Space saving Model 8160

If the machine is placed on a platform with limited height and space, the most common version is Model 8160.

This model is born with a roller curtain, which opens automatically after the wash program is finished.

Optional IP65-Controller

External controller to meet EHS Standard 50 - Machinery and equipment safety, MESS standard. The controller can be mounted directly on the utensil washer or the wall.