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Learn how to achieve the shortest wash time with the lowest consumption of water, energy, and chemicals.
Let’s meet up at the first McDonald's Worldwide Convention in Europe!

Learn how to achieve the shortest wash time with the lowest consumption of water, energy, and chemicals.

Team JEROS looks forward to seeing you at our booth, 505, HALL 5. Here, you will discover how to wash a utensil in as little as 3 minutes while ensuring 100% disinfection and Food Safety.

April 4, 2024 - News
“Hygiene safety is paramount for all McDonald's restaurants. Therefore, the type of industrial dishwashers we use must ensure a clean and bacteria-free result. In our dialog with JEROS, McDonald's Denmark wants to guarantee that the dishwashers never finish cleaning before the disinfecting rinse at 85oC is achieved. JEROS, with its built-in temperature protection, fulfills this guarantee satisfactorily.
In addition, I hardly notice the dishwashers in everyday life. They do their job and help keep the workflow running smoothly at the pace McDonald's is known for.”
Michael Rolver,
Owner of McDonald's Nyborg, Aarup, Brande, Erritsø, Fredericia, Haderslev, Kliplev, Kolding, Rødekro, Sønderborg og Tønder.

Please read along for insights into fast and efficient cleaning. You will learn which items and utensils McDonald's can clean in a hooded utensil dishwasher and a dish and warewasher. You will also learn why McDonald's in Belgium, France, Germany, Finland, England, parts of the USA, and Denmark collaborate with JEROS.

JEROS's distinctive lid design enables its machines to fit seamlessly into compact spaces

Across the globe, JEROS collaborates with McDonald's in multiple countries, including Belgium, France, Germany, Finland, England, the USA, and, naturally, numerous Danish restaurants.

Most McDonald's establishments in Denmark utilize one of our industrial dishwashers - the JEROS 9110 or the larger JEROS 9120. Frequently, these are supplied with a bespoke table system comprising:

  • a pre-wash table equipped with a sink
  • a hooded utensil dishwasher
  • and a table for depositing clean items.

The standout feature of our machines is their lid design. McDonald's particularly values this aspect as it facilitates seamless integration into even the tightest spaces without disrupting daily operations.

In Denmark alone, we have supplied Danish McDonald's restaurants with over 350 hooded utensil dishwashers, accompanied by tables, specially designed baskets for loose parts, and more than 50 Dish and Warewashers for the new McCafé's - an achievement we are immensely proud of.

In addition, we are also much honored to be invited to the McDonald's Worldwide Convention for the sixth time!

"The McDonald's Worldwide Convention will provide an invaluable opportunity to connect with decision-makers, owners, and influencers in the global McDonald's market. This is the perfect setting to establish meaningful contacts and gain insights into the industry's needs and priorities," our CEO & owner, Evita Rosdahl, points out.

Dish and Warewasher from JEROS for the new McCafé.
Dish and Warewasher from JEROS for the new McCafé's.

There is much more to the cleaning and hygienic process in a fast food restaurant than most people think

Contrary to popular belief, fast food restaurants such as McDonald's undergo extensive dishwashing processes.

With food preparation around the clock, strict cleaning and hygiene protocols are imperative. These necessitate the regular washing of kitchen utensils, cutting boards, holders, french fry dispensing funnels, fryer baskets, and serving trays.

Within JEROS's hooded dishwashers, McDonald's staff efficiently clean an array of items, minimizing the need to wash large items manually. This efficiency saves time, water, energy, and chemicals while upholding the highest hygiene standards.

Watch the video, and let's discuss your fast and efficient cleaning needs
At JEROS, we are proud of the results we create with McDonald's worldwide. We are pleased that the fast food chain repeatedly gets a utensil washer that lasts for many years and ensures that the fast food chain's washing results are always consistent and bacteria-free with the shortest possible washing time and the lowest possible water consumption, energy, and chemicals.
Evita Rosdahl,
CEO & owner of JEROS